Southern Politically <br> Correct Butt Kissers: The SCV and the UDC: in retrospect


The SCV and the UDC: in retrospect

In Greek, the word devil means one who divides. When I think about all of the charges of political correctness and cowardice swirling around both the SCV and the UDC and hear calls to form new and different organizations, my natural New York paranoia is elevated.

Now everyone knows that all organizations have folks who are more (and less) wedded to the goals and aims of that society. Not every Mason becomes a Shriner. Not every Rotary or Chamber of Commerce member reaches the sublime heights of that organization. Obviously it is foolish in the extreme to believe that every member of the SCV or the UDC is going to embrace our passion for Southern heritage issues and it would be unwise in the extreme to demand that the less engaged do so.

Of course, on the other hand, that doesn't mean that you can accept actions that smack not of apathy but of hostility to the aims and goals of these two seminal organizations. But not everyone is a crusader. Many people just want to go to meetings and hear interesting lectures and go home, unconcerned (and uninformed) about the campaign of Southern cultural genocide taking place in the South. These folks will wake up some morning and wonder what happened to Lee-Jackson Highway or Lee-Jackson Day or any of the other symbols, monuments, heroes and heritage connected with the South's past. One doubts that even on that day they will truly understand what was happening and now has happened!

And then there are those who believe in the rhetoric and the goals of the enemies of the South. Why such people would join the SCV or the UDC is beyond my comprehension. I can only guess that they wish to work within the Southern heritage system to destroy the Southern heritage system.

But there are also those who really do want to preserve Southern heritage but cannot bring themselves to do what is necessary. They see demonstrations, petitions, confrontations and the like as unladylike or ungentlemanly and are more harsh in the judgment of their fellow Southerners who demonstrate, petition and confront the authorities as beyond the pale. Unfortunately, they seem not to have any such harsh criticism for those on the other side whose actions have inspired the demonstrations, petitions and confrontations! I don't quite understand this unless one is dealing with a parental attitude - you know, the one in which parents are always more judgmental with their own children than with the offspring of others.

And finally, there are those who "get it" and wage war against the destroyers - often to the despair of those who should be giving them all possible help in that war. That is where we are now. Recently, the UDC leadership was involved with the VMFA against "flaggers" - demonstrators demanding the return of the Confederate battle flag to the Memorial Chapel. Apparently, some of the ladies of the UDC found the behavior of some of the demonstrators unacceptable. I don't know what happened, but, of course, these things are seldom connected to the issue which brought about the confrontation. As a result, lots of folks are up in arms against the UDC! As in most such situations, the members of that organization are inclined to "close ranks" to protect their own - and it all escalates out of control, the only side being hurt in the contretemps being our own. The enemies of the battle flag and the South sit on the sidelines and laugh - as well they might! Now people are! talking about creating new (and one supposes "pure") groups to supplant the UDC and the SCV which has its own cadre of politically correct officers! And on it goes, group after group, organization after organization, cause after cause with the result being, we are constantly swept from the field because we do more fighting amongst ourselves than against the enemy. It was once said that Gen. Robert E. Lee spent more time and energy keeping peace among his commanders than making war on the Yankees. I'm inclined to agree.

I cannot solve this problem, but I can point out a few things:

1. Creating new organizations is pointless, useless and feckless. Before you know it, the same problems would exist in these as exists now in the present groups.

2. You can never have unanimity of thought. Two people means two viewpoints. Those defending the South (especially in these two organizations) must determine where it stands with regard to this campaign of cultural genocide. Where the organization stands necessarily involves what it will ask its members to do - and not do. At that point, present members of the SCV and the UDC must determine if they can remain in the organization.

3. People who rise to positions of authority MUST be loyal to the aims and goals of the organization. It's unfair and dishonest to run for office while you do not support the aims and goals of the group you say you wish to lead. If you don't like their agenda, QUIT and form your own organization. Too many people see power as a means of changing the organization they have joined rather than fulfilling its aims and goals.

4. Everyone must do everything in his or her power to avoid open clashes that weaken us in the public square. How often have Southern partisans been told by various government agencies and institutions that the UDC and/or the SCV don't hold with their viewpoint. We are allowing our own weapons to be turned against us and that is suicidal.

Finally, we must end the constant squabbling. We must find a way to address our differences without weakening our individual and corporate commitment to Dixie. The only way that this can be accomplished is if we are all "men of good will" who put the cause ahead of our individual agenda. If we cannot do that, then the fact is, the cause is already lost and all that we have left are symbols and heroes representing a culture that is as extinct as the culture represented by the temples of Egypt.

SWR's Lady Val

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Blogger PoP said...

All these tax exempt Southern groups care about is money and tax status. Most other Southron folk fear offending or losing their prestige. Prestige ain't crap if your too timid to do your duty!

Your gonna have to eat crow and P some people off if you you really want to be a defender of the cause.

Want to accomplish something, leave these butt kissing groups and start P'ing people off. You will feel a lot better and our heritage and heroes will be the better for it.


March 19, 2012 at 2:57 PM  

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