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Heritage Treason!!!

Wonder what the Ladies of the LMA's throughout the South would say?

Wonder what ... Miss Caroline would say about this? These Ladies went up against a Federal Government that did not want the Confederate Soldier, his Cause and his Flags remembered. What would General Stephen Dill Lee say? What about General John B Gordon? What about your ancestors? I hope my ancestors are never ashamed of me for turning my back of the Cause.

Flagging does not give the UDC a bad name. Actions such as this give the UDC a bad name. We are called traitors to the Cause. It is said that we are those who tear down the monuments to the Confederate Soldier.

The UDC needs to reclaim its reputation as Ladies who love and revere the Confederate Soldier, his Cause, and his flags. We need to keep alive the true memory not a political myth made up by some politically correct nuts. Remember this is an election year! Let's take the UDC out of the hands of traitors and give it to Ladies who love and honor the South. See below:

This is just a reminder that "Flagging" is political and goes against UDC bylaws. We are a non-political, Patriotic society and conduct, such as "Flagging", gives us all a bad name. UDC should not be represented in such a fashion and our Florida members are asked not to participate as "Flaggers.

Contact info:
Gail Crosby
Florida Division UDC

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So-called defenders

The SCV & UDC has many members that believe in and uphold the pledge they took. The problem is, many of these and the remainder are held back because they fear stepping on a few toes (PC crowd.) This has got to stop! You are either for that which is right or you ain't!

These so-called defenders of The Confederate soldier need to get some grit and stand-up to the naysayers!

If they ain't going defend the heritage, Confederate soldier and their flag (which they claim excusive rights,) they should put all three up for addoption and stay out of way of those willing to fight! As they are doing a pee poor job. JMHO

I know I'll take some heat for my opinion but I've taken it many times before.

God bless y'all and our Homeland (Dixie,)

Tommy PoP Aaron
PO Box 90095
East Ridge TN. 37412

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The SCV and the UDC: in retrospect

In Greek, the word devil means one who divides. When I think about all of the charges of political correctness and cowardice swirling around both the SCV and the UDC and hear calls to form new and different organizations, my natural New York paranoia is elevated.

Now everyone knows that all organizations have folks who are more (and less) wedded to the goals and aims of that society. Not every Mason becomes a Shriner. Not every Rotary or Chamber of Commerce member reaches the sublime heights of that organization. Obviously it is foolish in the extreme to believe that every member of the SCV or the UDC is going to embrace our passion for Southern heritage issues and it would be unwise in the extreme to demand that the less engaged do so.

Of course, on the other hand, that doesn't mean that you can accept actions that smack not of apathy but of hostility to the aims and goals of these two seminal organizations. But not everyone is a crusader. Many people just want to go to meetings and hear interesting lectures and go home, unconcerned (and uninformed) about the campaign of Southern cultural genocide taking place in the South. These folks will wake up some morning and wonder what happened to Lee-Jackson Highway or Lee-Jackson Day or any of the other symbols, monuments, heroes and heritage connected with the South's past. One doubts that even on that day they will truly understand what was happening and now has happened!

And then there are those who believe in the rhetoric and the goals of the enemies of the South. Why such people would join the SCV or the UDC is beyond my comprehension. I can only guess that they wish to work within the Southern heritage system to destroy the Southern heritage system.

But there are also those who really do want to preserve Southern heritage but cannot bring themselves to do what is necessary. They see demonstrations, petitions, confrontations and the like as unladylike or ungentlemanly and are more harsh in the judgment of their fellow Southerners who demonstrate, petition and confront the authorities as beyond the pale. Unfortunately, they seem not to have any such harsh criticism for those on the other side whose actions have inspired the demonstrations, petitions and confrontations! I don't quite understand this unless one is dealing with a parental attitude - you know, the one in which parents are always more judgmental with their own children than with the offspring of others.

And finally, there are those who "get it" and wage war against the destroyers - often to the despair of those who should be giving them all possible help in that war. That is where we are now. Recently, the UDC leadership was involved with the VMFA against "flaggers" - demonstrators demanding the return of the Confederate battle flag to the Memorial Chapel. Apparently, some of the ladies of the UDC found the behavior of some of the demonstrators unacceptable. I don't know what happened, but, of course, these things are seldom connected to the issue which brought about the confrontation. As a result, lots of folks are up in arms against the UDC! As in most such situations, the members of that organization are inclined to "close ranks" to protect their own - and it all escalates out of control, the only side being hurt in the contretemps being our own. The enemies of the battle flag and the South sit on the sidelines and laugh - as well they might! Now people are! talking about creating new (and one supposes "pure") groups to supplant the UDC and the SCV which has its own cadre of politically correct officers! And on it goes, group after group, organization after organization, cause after cause with the result being, we are constantly swept from the field because we do more fighting amongst ourselves than against the enemy. It was once said that Gen. Robert E. Lee spent more time and energy keeping peace among his commanders than making war on the Yankees. I'm inclined to agree.

I cannot solve this problem, but I can point out a few things:

1. Creating new organizations is pointless, useless and feckless. Before you know it, the same problems would exist in these as exists now in the present groups.

2. You can never have unanimity of thought. Two people means two viewpoints. Those defending the South (especially in these two organizations) must determine where it stands with regard to this campaign of cultural genocide. Where the organization stands necessarily involves what it will ask its members to do - and not do. At that point, present members of the SCV and the UDC must determine if they can remain in the organization.

3. People who rise to positions of authority MUST be loyal to the aims and goals of the organization. It's unfair and dishonest to run for office while you do not support the aims and goals of the group you say you wish to lead. If you don't like their agenda, QUIT and form your own organization. Too many people see power as a means of changing the organization they have joined rather than fulfilling its aims and goals.

4. Everyone must do everything in his or her power to avoid open clashes that weaken us in the public square. How often have Southern partisans been told by various government agencies and institutions that the UDC and/or the SCV don't hold with their viewpoint. We are allowing our own weapons to be turned against us and that is suicidal.

Finally, we must end the constant squabbling. We must find a way to address our differences without weakening our individual and corporate commitment to Dixie. The only way that this can be accomplished is if we are all "men of good will" who put the cause ahead of our individual agenda. If we cannot do that, then the fact is, the cause is already lost and all that we have left are symbols and heroes representing a culture that is as extinct as the culture represented by the temples of Egypt.

SWR's Lady Val

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Daughters sell off their birthright!!!

If it sleeps with the enemy, acts like enemy,
talks like the enemy.... It IS the enemy!


Well y'all,

Hell has finally froze over!

Today, March 10th, 2012, glaciers have officially replaced flames in Hell.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy National Headquarters in Richmond have become ALLIED with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in their OPPOSITION to the RESTORATION of the BATTLEFLAGS on the CONFEDERATE WAR MEMORIAL CHAPEL.

FIRST the UDC HQ has said to USE A BATTLEFLAG is POLITICAL and they would not SUPPORT any efforts that included using a BATTLEFLAG to help the CHAPEL issue because the 501c3 tax status is MORE IMPORTANT than our ANCESTORS!

TODAY the UDC HQ called the Richmond Police to REMOVE the VIRGINIA FLAGGERS who have been successfully Flagging the VMFA to restore the BATTLEFLAGS for the past 6 months AND LIED TO THE OFFICERS to get them to respond!

I was present at the scene as it happened. The GUILTY are UDC President Martha Van Schaick and UDC Secretary of the Board of Trustees Mrs. Lucy Steele.

TOGETHER, the UDC and the VMFA stand PROUD against the CHAPEL, and against our ANCESTORS! ~ Billy Bearden
UDC President Martha Van Schaick and UDC Secretary of the Board of Trustees Mrs. Lucy Steele, sell out their birthright!!

When the Guardians Embrace Treason, What Then!?

Contact the scallywags'!:

President General
Martha Rogers Van Schaick (Mrs. Edward E., Jr.)
3011 Highway 357
Lyman, SC 29365-9736
Phone: (864)879-4144

Vice President General
Ruth Caviness Allbritton (Mrs. Elwyn)
PO Box 38
Blue Mountain, MS 38610-0038
Phone: (662)685-4907 FAX: 662-538-0003 ATT: Ruth

2nd Vice President General
Faye Whitfield Neville (Mrs. Paul C.)
PO Box 6
Townsville, NC 27584-0006
Phone: (252) 738-2340

3rd Vice President General
Janet Johnson (Mrs. David)
9319 Brunswick Rd.
Millington, TN 38053-4939
Phone: (901) 829-4495

United Daughters of the Confederacy?????!!!!

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Appeasement as a Strategy

Appeasement – 1. the political strategy of pacifying a potential enemy in the hope of avoiding conflict—often by granting concessions. 2. an attempt to stop complaints or reduce difficulties by making concessions.

Concession – 1. an act or an example of conceding, yielding, or compromising in some way, often grudgingly or unwillingly.

Compromise – (n) 1. a settlement of a dispute in which two or more sides agree to accept less than they originally wanted. 2. something that somebody accepts because what was wanted is unattainable. (v) 1. to settle a dispute by agreeing to accept less than what was originally wanted.

Ronald Reagan used to tell the story of the man trying to drain a swamp who finds himself surrounded by hungry alligators. In panic, he starts throwing his fellow workers to the monsters to protect himself. Of course, the end result is still the same: he will be eaten! Reagan was illustrating the futility of appeasement which gains nothing for the user but a little time before the end.

Actually, many people confuse appeasement with compromise. This is not difficult to do, especially if one is inherently honest. However, the difference between the two concepts is that in a compromise, both sides accept what is agreed upon. On the other hand, when one side considers the agreement a step towards the desired result while the other believes it is the solution to the problem, “compromise” is in fact, an act of “appeasement” by the second side. For far too long, our side has believed that each “compromise” we have accepted regarding Southern symbols and heritage is the final answer to that particular heritage problem—only to find out that in a day, or a week, or a year, the other side is back demanding more and greater “compromise” on an issue that we, at least, had considered settled.

Now, the first time this sort of thing happens, no blame obtains to us. We were honest in our negotiations but our adversaries were not. However, the second—not to mention every time thereafter–that the same thing happens, we lose all right to call ourselves ill-used. We cannot blame “the other side” when we knew—or should have known—that the concept of “compromise” existed on our part alone while our adversaries were determined to continue to work towards total victory. Indeed, I am willing to state unequivocally, that some fifty years after the end of The Grand Bargain and the commencement of the second war on Southern heritage and culture, most defenders of the South have to be aware that “compromise” with our enemies is actually appeasement and that to continue down that particular road will end in our extermination. As this is the case, Southern apologists and leaders have no business engaging in such ill-considered “compromises.” Whatever they choose to call these arrangements, they represent concessions by us and thus they must be recognized as appeasement. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan yet again, if it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck—even if you call it a pig.

Given this situation, how should we deal with our adversaries? Is there any hope in attempting valid compromise or are we dealing with an unrelenting, uncompromising, intractable mindset that will settle for nothing less than Southern cultural genocide? Sadly, the answer to the above questions is, “no,” there is no hope and “yes” we are dealing with a mindset that will accept nothing less than the total extermination of the culture, history and heritage of the South. Furthermore, no amount of manifest good will and conciliatory gestures on our part will change a damned thing. With that in mind, we must determine how to proceed. First and foremost I would say that all of the efforts to foster good will by many Southern “leaders” is seen not only by our own side but by our adversaries as—to use a vulgar phrase—“kissing butt.” However sincere Southern leaders may be in attempting to re-establish the previous attitude towards the South that existed under The Grand Bargain, the sad fact is that the nation has passed beyond actual compromise and adopted a Marxist revisionist version of “history” that requires nothing less than a complete condemnation of all things Southern and that the manifestations of a unique People must be consigned to oblivion or, in the alternative, remembered only with contempt and disgust. If we do not recognize this existing state of affairs, we are not only woefully naïve, but we continue to labor towards our own extermination.

Having accepted the matter as it stands, what then is left for us to do? First, we must not “concede” or “compromise” without understanding that such “solutions” are nothing but appeasement by our side, the only benefit of which—at least to us—is that it creates a momentary lull in the struggle. Secondly, we must make much better use of that lull to forestall total defeat even if we cannot achieve total victory. We must also understand that all such “agreements” are incremental victories for our adversaries. Most important, we must be prepared to use the time to regroup and go on the offensive rather than congratulating ourselves that we have at least forestalled total defeat—for a little while anyway. At the very least we must understand that the other side will never compromise on its stated goal of cultural genocide while there is any hope of victory. Therefore we must develop strategies to use when the enemy’s assault is momentarily halted by these bogus “compromises” because we know from experience that they are formulating their next plan of attack—and the whole thing starts again with each cycle leaving us a little more isolated and impotent.

The Southern heritage movement cannot continue to be caught flat-footed by these constant assaults. We have to push back. Only in that way is there any hope of having at least some control over the outcome of the struggle. Right now, we do nothing but react. We must become far more proactive and we will never do that while many of our leaders work so tirelessly to “get along” with our adversaries. Remember, it is easy to “get along” with the enemies of the South. All we have to do is surrender—and die.

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SCV caves-in to demands on Confederate Powder Works??

The next Alexander camp meeting will discuss events surrounding the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the Confederate Powder Works Chimney... Think maybe a little flack is bouncing off them?

Story one

Confederate Flag To Be Removed From Powder Works. The Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Augusta Canal came to an agreement (SCV caved in) that a plaque will be installed on or around the chimney, using various flags that were used during the Confederacy. There is no definite timetable for the flag's removal, but the Canal Authority says it will be a couple of days.

To appease the Georgia Historical Society and the local Salvation Army, they demand the historically correct battle flag be removed because of a flimsy “historical accuracy???” excuse and a feigned sudden concern for the chimney after receiving a state tourism award for improvements to the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area.

Story two

Regarding the story “Confederate Powder works flag to be replaced with more historically accurate one” (Sept. 16): The Augusta Canal Authority is mistaken. The Confederate Battle Flag is historically accurate.

In August 1864, all Confederate forces in Augusta, including those under Col. G.W. Rains’ authority, were assigned to the Army of Tennessee under Gen. John B. Hood. The Army of Tennessee battle flag was ordered by Gen. Joseph Johnston and issued to units beginning in January 1864. The rectangular design incorporated 13 white stars on a blue St. Andrew’s cross on a red field. Augusta’s Commanding Gen. A.R. Wright sent 1,300 troops, including companies from the Powderworks, to Macon under the Army of Tennessee battle flag.

Sons of Confederate Veterans
Camp # 158, Augusta, GA

1st Lt. Commander - Lee Herron

Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans

"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the cause for which we fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved and which you love also, and those ideals which made him glorious and which you also cherish."

Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee, Commander General,
United Confederate Veterans,
New Orleans, Louisiana, April 25, 1906.

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UDC Kissing butt???

(The Reidsville UDC [United Daughters of the Confederacy] is thinking and responding at a level that is morally superior to that of its State leaders whether or they will this heritage battle. They are to be highly commended for their intelligence in this current situation, AND beyond that they are to be commended for the integrity and strength of their moral fiber and character that has given them the dignity to stand for that which is right when their State NC UDC failed the test of this heritage challenge.)

Daughter's of the Confederacy (UDC) not interested in replacing the Confederate Statue "Reidsville. NC."

The city determined that statue was owned by the United Daughter's of the Confederacy (UDC). That group told the city it had decided not to return the statue to its former location.

A letter to the city from Aileen Ezell, the President of the North Carolina UDC stated: "While we much prefer the monument to remain in the location it has occupied for the past 100 years, we do not wish to be a factor in any unpleasantness that may occur if the statue is allowed to remain in its present location."... (What about the unpleasantness done to Southron and their heroes!?)

This is typical of most so-called Southern Groups (UDC, SCV, etc) of late.... Kissing butts of the pc crowd!!


The marble statue was knocked off its pedestal and distoryed on West Morehead Street and North Scales Street on May 23 after a van missed a traffic circle and crashed right into it. The driver of the van was black.

The complete monument has now been removed by the city.

United Daughters of the Confederacy
North Carolina Division

Be nice if you write,
they are still Southern Ladies...Contact

United Daughters of the Confederacy Objectives
The objectives of the organization are Historical, Educational, Benevolent, Memorial and Patriotic:

To collect and preserve the material necessary for a truthful history of the War Between the States and to protect, preserve, and mark the places made historic by Confederate valor
To assist descendants of worthy Confederates in securing a proper education
To fulfill the sacred duty of benevolence toward the survivor of the War and those dependent upon them
To honor the memory of those who served and those who fell in the service of the Confederate States of America
To record the part played during the War by Southern women, including their patient endurance of hardship, their patriotic devotion during the struggle, and their untiring efforts during the post-War reconstruction of the South
To cherish the ties of friendship among the members of the Organization

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The Southern American

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