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So-called defenders

The SCV & UDC has many members that believe in and uphold the pledge they took. The problem is, many of these and the remainder are held back because they fear stepping on a few toes (PC crowd.) This has got to stop! You are either for that which is right or you ain't!

These so-called defenders of The Confederate soldier need to get some grit and stand-up to the naysayers!

If they ain't going defend the heritage, Confederate soldier and their flag (which they claim excusive rights,) they should put all three up for addoption and stay out of way of those willing to fight! As they are doing a pee poor job. JMHO

I know I'll take some heat for my opinion but I've taken it many times before.

God bless y'all and our Homeland (Dixie,)

Tommy PoP Aaron
PO Box 90095
East Ridge TN. 37412

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